1. The hirer is not allowed to give the car to any person. Insurance does not cover souls in both A&B.
  2. Net Rent A Car has the right to take proper action against the hirer if he did not execute the contract condition.
  3. If no previous arrangement has been made for the weekly/monthly rates then the hirer is liable to pay the daily rates.
  4. In handling over the car without payment of the remaining rent, interest will be charged 4% on daily rates.
  5. In case of accident, if no police report is produced whether it is A or B type of insurance, the hirer is liable to pay for all the damages in addition to the real amount for the number of days the vehicle remain in garage for repair.
  6. The hirer cannot leave/return the car in any other place unless authorized by Net Rent A Car, and if it is left in a place not agreed upon, the hirer shall be responsible for any liability.
  7. One day means 24 hours and extra hours will be calculated as full day. If the sticker in the car holding the name of the company is removed the hirer will pay fine of thirty dirhams.
  8. The hirer undertakes not to stick shaded paper on the vehicle glass or any other stickers on the vehicle body: otherwise, the hirer undertakes to pay a compensation of Dhs.10, 000/- for Net Est., and shall be fully responsible before the concerned authorities.
  9. The hirer has to return the vehicle to the company for periodical services.
  10. In case of any mechanical damage that occurs to the vehicle, hirer should stop the vehicle and inform the company immediately.
  11. Hirer should inform the police in the event of any accident otherwise he will be fully responsible in front of the concerned authority
  12. Hirer cannot repair the car without written permission from company if he does; hirer is responsible for all liabilities.
  13. The vehicle is for use in UAE only and the insurance coverage is also for UAE only.
  14. In case of writing off the car, the hirer shall bear the entire cost of the insurance whether it is A or B and any amount that the company shall deduct according to the conditions of the insurance company. The hirer shall also pay the rent until the case is settled.
  15. Terms of Payment: an open and signed imprint of the credit card will be taken at the start of the rental and will be kept as a deposit. At the end of the rental, payment can be settled either by credit card or cash. If any traffic violations are incurred by the hirer during the rental period, it would be charged to the credit card number on receipt of a traffic fine.
  16. Insurance coverage does not apply if the hirer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of accident in such cases the hirer is liable to pay for all damages. Third party and the number of days the vehicle remains in the workshop for repair.
  17. If the driver’s age is less than 21 years and driving license less than 1 year, insurance will not pay anything if any accident. Hirer to pay full amount of the expenses, original, original spare parts (company only, repair and how many days the vehicle in the garage, the hirer to pay full rent to Net in case of cancellation.
  18. Hirer is responsible about any complaint, in case of any obligations regarding the vehicle before the company or official authorities, which occur during the hire period. Also he will be alone responsible if he use the vehicle to transport any forbidden items that considered as illegal as per any of the country’s law. Hirer also should pay the full amount of the contract until some arrangements are reached in between the hirer and the company and he has to pay the full amount to Net.
  19. When the hirer is a company/firm, it will take full responsibility for the car.
  20. While returning the petrol level must be the same, as hiring or else will be charged.
  21. Vehicle must be returned on or before due date and new rental agreement to be obtained in case or extending or renewing the contract period. Insurance cover for the vehicle ceases after due date and lessee will be held responsible for damages, losses and all other consequences arising by using the vehicle beyond due date. When the hirer has agreed for 3 days/5 days/ weekly and monthly rental of the cars, and if he returns before agreed period, daily rate will be charged.